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At Home Activities that kids love

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At Home Activities

Learn about sustainability

Sustainable City: Minecraft Edition

Explore our solar system

Spectacular Solar System Mobile

Create your own compass

Finding Your Way

Learn creative stitching techniques

Stitching and Upcycling Fashion

Discover BIPOC & LGBTQ artists

Art and Social Justice Public Art & Street Art Writing

Learn new drawing techniques

Surrealism: Unleashing the Creative Potential of the Unconscious Mind

Guided by LIVE Passionate People

"Join me for a fun adventure!” 

“Let's create, build, and explore!”

“Come jam on art with me!”

Have an AHA moment!

Try an Anytime At Home Activity
Kid + Grandparent
Kid Solo
Kid + Friend
Kid + Adult
Kid + Sibling

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“My son watched the videos for the Anytime activity and was hooked! He was thoroughly engaged in The Egg Drop!”

—Nikki, Grown-up

“I loved doing the Anytime activities! They were so fun!”

—Kellan, Kid aged 11

“The activities have inspired great family discussions at the dinner table!”

—Mike, Grown-up

“My child really enjoyed it. The teachers were amazing and facilitated the group so well. It gave my daughter new skills to work with in her free time.”

—Andrea, Grown-up