HomeLearners Network Kids' and Teens' Pledge

Agreements for participation:

We will arrive on time, even 5 minutes early!

 We will be ready for the Activity - we will be dressed appropriately and have materials that we need.

 We will keep our conversation out loud and in the chat on topic and respectful of everyone in the Activity.

 We will remain quiet when someone else is speaking, mute is helpful for this!

 We will stay focused on the Activity by finding a quiet place away from distractions.

 We will follow the guide’s lead on how and when to speak up.

 We will let the Guide know who we are!

 We will use our first names as our Zoom Participant name.

 At least once at the beginning of the Activity, we will turn on our camera for a quick camera check to allow the Guide to confirm we are who we say we are.

 We will do our best to participate, whatever that looks like!

 We will let others have an opportunity to participate and speak.