Photosynthesis Play

Be a scientist and watch leaves make oxygen for you to breathe!

Learn about how plants use sunlight to make the air we breathe! Kids will explore photosynthesis to see how it works. Provide plants with the right materials to see them make oxygen in a cup. Extract green-coloured chlorophyll from plants to make a simple water colour paint, then use building bricks to show how photosynthesis works!

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Photosynthesis Play
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1 Your Guide

Heather Turnbull Learn more about me

As a scientist, I LOVE exploring and learning through hands-on experimenting! Planting seeds and sprouts and watching them grow is one of my favourite things to do. I am an active learner and am currently participating in my MEd, my fourth university degree. I have worked with the Ontario Science Centre, Science North, and as a grade 7 and 8 classroom teacher for many years - all great places to try new things. I believe staying curious is the most important thing people can do!

I like taking pictures of plants, animals, water and sky, then use them to create fun works of art using glass, wood or paint!

2 Materials Needed

fresh spinach, bright light source, straw or single hole punch, 10-20mL syringe, baking soda, dish soap, water, towel, flat container, zip top bags, 4 cups, marker, masking tape, paintbrush, paper, goggles, a few handfuls of Lego

3 Learning Focus

  • Communicating
  • Social awareness & responsibility

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5 Best Suited For:

Stick figures of varying sizes waving

My age is between 11 - 15

Yellow and blue gear

All experience levels are welcome.

Child and mother stick figure standing

My parents need to be around.

We advise a grown-up is close by to supervise with the materials and tools for safe use. Use safety gear, such as safety goggles, gloves, and wear an old shirt for STEM/STEAM Activities

An open book

All reading levels are welcome.