Wandering Star Series

Mental Health, Mindfulness & Imagination for Kids & Parents/Guardians

Join your kids in making connections to health and well-being through unique activities that inspire hope, calm and fun! We'll dive into the Wandering Star interactive story and Augmented Reality (AR) app, with clinically proven activities to help kids develop positive mental health habits.

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Wandering Star Series
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1 Your Guide

Nikki Kenyon Learn more about me

I am a mama to 4 amazing teens. I am a brain-science nerd. I love how our brains & bodies work! I love musicals, good books, walking in rain, talking to farm animals, playing by the ocean & knitting!

I love building things with power tools!!

2 Materials Needed

- A trusted adult, phone or tablet with Wandering Star app downloaded, printed resource package (available once purchased), pen/pencil, blank paper, pencil crayons/markers, cardstock, scissors, clear tape or glue stick, clay or playdough

3 Learning Focus

  • Communicating
  • Collaborating
  • Personal awareness & responsibility
  • Positive personal identity & culture

4 Registration

You’re selecting a Realtime Series A one-time Livestreamed Activity led by a qualified Guide.

5 Best Suited For:

Stick figures of varying sizes waving

My age is between 6 - 9

Yellow and blue gear

All experience levels are welcome.

Child and mother stick figure standing

My parents need to be around.

An open book

All reading levels are welcome.