Emotion Colour Wheel

Create a colour wheel and explore how colours connect to emotions.

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Emotion Colour Wheel
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1 Is This Activity For Me?

Tablet posing and thinking
Stick figures of varying sizes waving

My age is between 7 - 18

Yellow and blue gear

All experience levels are welcome.

Child and mother stick figure standing

I can do this independently.

An open book

All reading levels are welcome.

2 More About my Activity

Have you ever wondered how colours connect to emotions? In this activity, you’ll experiment with basic colour theory by mixing paints to create your very own colour wheel. You’ll play with colour, discover how certain colours blend together to make other colours and match them with feelings!

3 What Materials Do I Need?

Paints: acrylic, gouache, or watercolour (dried, in a tube, or pencils), Water cup, Pencil or pen, Paint rag, Paintbrushes, Palette to mix paints on, Water media paper or piece of wood,

4 I learn useful skills too?

  • Communicating
  • Creative thinking

5 My Guide!

I’m of German Canadian, Anishanaabe and Metis descent. I’m a practicing artist with over 20 years of exhibiting and selling paintings and drawings, painting murals and teaching art!

I’m a beginner surfer—I’m not very good at it, but every wave I drop is worth the hundreds of wipe outs.