Draw Nature Big

If nature is an inspiration for your art, join this activity! Harvest some treasures such as flowers, leaves, branches, rocks, shells, etc in a sustainable way. Choose a treasure and practice observational drawing skills to record your experience of that natural object.

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Stuff to Know

Gather interesting twigs, branches, plant, rocks, moss, leaves, flowers that are abundant and thriving in the natural world, by disturbing the natural world as little as possible when gathering; paper and drawing supplies


  • Intermediate
  • Beginner
  • Arts
  • Visual art
  • Art appreciation
  • Studio arts
  • Science
  • Earth science
  • Communicating
  • Focusing on intent and purpose
  • Creative thinking
  • Generating and incubating
  • Personal awareness and responsibility
  • Well-being
  • Social awareness and responsibility
  • Contributing to community and caring for environment

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