Collaborative Storytelling: 8-11

Creating short stories as a team!

Kids will unleash their creativity by crafting compelling short stories! We’ll dive into the storytelling structure as we explore Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution. Kids will learn to weave narratives, hone their skills and collectively bring imaginative tales to life.

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Collaborative Storytelling: 8-11
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1 Your Guide

April Lavine Learn more about me

I’m a singer, ukulele player and a dancer! I also love to play the guitar, write songs and create stories. I recently published a children's book called The Fairy Flurries. I’ve been a homeschool teacher, a Waldorf teacher and camp facilitator as I lead summer camps in my backyard. I love to have fun and be creative!

For the last 20 years of my life I wrote every day in my journal, reflecting on what I did throughout the day. It's like my own special treasure map of memories!

2 Materials Needed

Paper and pen.

3 Learning Focus

  • Communicating
  • Collaborating
  • Creative thinking
  • Personal awareness & responsibility
  • Social awareness & responsibility

4 Registration

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5 Best Suited For:

Stick figures of varying sizes waving

My age is between 8 - 11

Yellow and blue gear

All experience levels are welcome.

Child and mother stick figure standing

I can do this independently.

An open book

All reading levels are welcome.