Build a Bug House

Craft a bug house to observe nature.

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Build a Bug House
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1 Is This Activity For Me?

Tablet posing and thinking
Stick figures of varying sizes waving

My age is between 5 - 12

Yellow and blue gear

All experience levels are welcome.

Child and mother stick figure standing

My parents need to be around.

We advise a grown-up is close by to supervise with the materials and tools for safe use. Use safety gear, such as safety goggles, gloves, and wear an old shirt for STEM/STEAM Activities

An open book

All reading levels are welcome.

2 More About my Activity

Make an ecosystem to observe insects as you build a bug house using a bottle, natural materials and mesh - for those short term tenants. Or make a hotel for longer staying guests using a few more supplies! Don’t forget to decorate your designs and check out which creatures stop by.

3 What Materials Do I Need?

Natural materials (twigs, leaves, grass etc.,), cardboard box or plastic bottle, scissors/utility knife, tape/duct tape, paper tube rolls/cardstock. Optional: fabric mesh, glue, drawing supplies

4 I learn useful skills too?

  • Creative thinking
  • Personal awareness & responsibility
  • Social awareness & responsibility

5 My Guide!

I’m a doodler, dreamer and maker. Some hobbies are drawing, graphic design & media arts. I’ve been an educator and home learning parent K-12 and love exploring creative pursuits through fun activities!

Fun fact: I have 2 tuxedo cats that love water!