Art Herstory: Grace Hartigan

In art history, often few artists get highlighted as signature artists for specific art movements. We notice focused attention on fathers and grandfathers. In this class we will smash the patriarchal art canon and highlight some of the many women and self identifying women artists.

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Stuff to Know

Basic drawing supplies like pens, coloured pencils, markers. Watercolour or gouache paints are optional. Paper.


  • Intermediate
  • Beginner
  • Arts
  • Visual art
  • Art appreciation
  • Media art
  • Studio arts
  • Social studies
  • History and culture
  • Communicating
  • Connecting and engaging with others
  • Focusing on intent and purpose
  • Creative thinking
  • Creating and innovating
  • Evaluating and developing
  • Critical and reflective thinking
  • Analyzing and critiquing
  • Positive personal identity and culture
  • Understanding relationships & cultural contexts
  • Recognizing personal values and choices

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