Personal Information on Zoom 

Occasionally, and for a variety of reasons, parents may choose not to provide consent for their children's personal information to be shared in HomeLearners Network's live online activities. 

HomeLearners Network is required by law to abide by a parent's wishes, so if consent is not provided, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) and learners to take the steps necessary to protect this information. 

Personal information that could be shared if your parent(s) provide consent in the live online activities includes: your first name, video, or an exemplar group project the educator & learners agree to distribute (no other personal information will be shared without consent). 

Joining a Live Online Activity on Zoom 

If you are participating in an activity with HLN, you are going to be using 'Zoom' to connect with your peers. 

In order to participate online, you will receive a Zoom link in an email before your activity that you simply need to click in order to be brought to your online activity meeting room. 

Entering a Zoom Meeting

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your activity starts so you can be sure to set up your connection to the Zoom room as you wish. 

Upon clicking your meeting link and entering the Zoom room, a menu bar will appear at the foot of your Zoom window (or in that location by hovering there if it's not immediately visible; shown below). 

Protecting Personal Information on Zoom - Video 

If you parent does not want your personal information to be shared in activities, there are two things to do upon entering a Zoom room:

  1. Turn off your video (so you will not be visible to others in photos or video recordings). Video is turned off/on by clicking the Stop Video/Start Video button shown below 

Protecting Personal Information on Zoom - Name 

If your parent does not want your personal information to be shared in activities, the second thing to do upon entering a Zoom room:

  1. Make sure your name is not visible. Click 'Manage Participants' on the footer menu and find yourself in the list, then click 'Rename'
  2. When you click 'Rename', the Rename dialogue box will open with the instructions to 'Enter new name here'/ 
  3. Rename yourself using your first and last initials (i.e. Tommy Smit would be TS) 

That's it! 

Conceal your image by turning off your video and your name by renaming to your initials and you will not be sharing personal information - even if the Guide takes pictures or records videos of the group. 

If you parent does not want you to share personal information, please also use your discretion with what you say (i.e. don't say your full name aloud), especially if your Guide has advised they are recording video or taking a picture (you Guide will always announce before they do either of these). 

If you have any questions about protecting your privacy, please ask your Guide or contact us. 

From your HLN Team