At HLN, we understand the excitement in discovering new activities and meeting new people and how important it is for all learners to have a good time. 

So here are some best practices to create a fantastic community for everyone… 

Before Activities:

  • Make sure to read over the list of materials, supplies, apps, or technology you might need to participate fully in the activity.
  • Look over the activity plan to get an idea of what awesome activities will be happening during your activity.
  • Take a peek at the resources your Guide might have shared with you. 
  • Find your activity Zoom link in the “My Activities” tab or in the email that will be sent to you before the activity start time.

During Activities:

  • Try to arrive 5 minutes before to get organized and set up for the activity!
  • Do not speak when others are speaking. Your Guide will let you know how to ask questions, etc. 
  • Chatbox etiquette: stay positive, be respectful of others, stay on topic.
  • Make sure to use appropriate and respectful language when speaking to all of the people who are participating. 
  • Bring a positive and open-minded attitude and get ready to discover some new and exciting things! 

After Activities: 

  • If you have any feedback you’d like to share or questions you would like to ask your Guide, or for the HLN team, please feel free to contact us! Remember, sometimes things don’t always go as planned; we will do our best to make sure things run as smoothly as possible! 
  • Go to your “My Resources” page and see all of the resources your Guide has curated just for you to continue your discovering!

Let's not forget to have fun and continue to explore, discover, and connect! 

From your HLN Team